New York State Automotive Aftermarket Association

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Announcement of Scholarship Award Recipient for 2020 The New York State Automotive Aftermarket Association (NYSAAA), their Board of Directors and the Scholarship Committee, in conjunction with the University of the Aftermarket Foundation (UAF), are pleased to announce the Memorial Scholarship winner for 2020. This scholarship is made possible by the generous outpouring of voluntary donations remitted with this fiscal years’ Membership Dues billing. The Debbie J. Tranello Memorial Scholarship recipient is Abigail Clark of Shortsville, New York which is located south and east of Rochester. After graduating in June from “Red Jacket High School” in the Manchester-Shortsville Central School District, Abigail will be attending Alfred State College this fall in the Collision Repair Program. Her interest in cars started with her grandfathers’ 1940 Ford Coupe and attending many classic car shows. During her sophomore year she looked into the auto body and auto tech courses at BOCES. She was not accepted and was told that “Auto body was a man’s job and not a correct fit for a woman.” “By attending college and becoming an auto body mechanic, Abigail will apply this award to further her education and bring about a positive change to show that women can work on cars and prove to the world that repair shops aren’t just for men.” As a member of the School Cheer Squad and Instrumental Music Program, her dedication and hard work have earned her the highest respect of her coaches and teachers. She has an exceptional work ethic and a willingness to go above and beyond. Her Cheerleading experience has led her to volunteer at a church camp to lead the kids in their cheer leading competitions. Congratulations to Abigail. ”She has shown that her past experiences and volunteer work indicate that she possesses the necessary skills and determination to be a success in whatever she chooses for her career,” said Mr. C. Fred Forsythe, the Managing Director of the New York State Automotive Aftermarket Association. This is a proud tradition for us, one that we can all take pride in, our 30th straight year.